The National Music Conservatory (NMC), established in 1986, is Jordan’s premier institution for the development of talented local musicians and the promotion of music appreciation. 

The NMC is a pioneering program in the Arab world that provides orchestral and Arab music education at preparatory and college levels, leading to bachelor’s degrees in specialties such as music education, conducting and composing, performance, Arabic music, and music therapy. 

The conservatory provides music training for disadvantaged children, as well as counseling and training in clinical music therapy for families and children who are victims of violence, regional conflict, and war. 

In 2007, the conservatory developed the Amman Symphony Orchestra in close partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality. It hosted concerts, recitals, and instruction by local and world-renowned musicians. 

The NMC is the representative of the British Music Examination Board in Jordan and is a member of the European Association of Conservatoires.