JOrchestra’s Upcoming Concerts and Events Agenda



-       December 19 Al Quds Concert a medley of classical Arabic songs and Opera Arias with the Tenor Michele Silvestri, at Al Hussein Cultural Centre;

January: from 1st till 8th and from 20th till 31st

-          Atallah Hindielah Concert with songs by Farid Al-Atrash and Abdul Halim Hafith at Al-Hussein Cultural Center.

-         Chamber music concert at TAGKF

February: All month except 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th

-         Concert with the Guest German Conductor Georg Mais (Bach Haydn Mozart Beethoven Schubert Schumann) at Al Hussein Cultural Centre;

-         Soloists concert/piano recital at TAGKF;

March: All month

-         Concert with the Lebanese choir "فيحاء", at Al Hussein Cultural Centre;

-         JOrchestra soloists concert at TAGKF;

April: All month

-         Easter Concert with Disney movie tracks with tenor Michele Silvestri and soprano Dima Bawab, at Al Hussein Cultural Centre;

-         Chamber music concert at TAGKF;

 May: All month except 21st, 23rd, 24th

-         Monteverdi concert in cooperation with the French Embassy, on his 450 anniversary at Al Hussein Cultural Centre;

-         Monteverdi concert arranged for a Jorchestra ensemble, TAGKF;

June: All month

-         Famous movie tracks concert, at Odeon Theatre downtown;

-         Famous Arabic movies tracks at Odeon Theatre downtown;


-         Concert with the Mexican conductor, Maestro Jose Arean at Jerash Festival;

-         World music concert at Odeon theatre, downtown.